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Networked Recruiter is a destination dedicated to expanding your professional network, facilitating career advancement, and promoting the collective sharing of best practices within the field of professional recruiting.

In addition to the United States, Networked Recruiter hosts networking events in hundreds of cities around the world including Asia, Europe, Australia, North/South America, and Africa. Basically, we have members and events across every continent except Antarctica (not yet at least).

History and Growth

June, 2010 January, 2010
  • Our new SimpleATS is launched allowing a one price integrated solution with our Req Blaster to easily store and access candidate resumes online from anywhere in the world.
March, 2009
  • Our job board, the Req Blaster, submits your jobs to hundreds of sites including Indeed, SimplyHired, and other partner locations.
January, 2009
  • 10 new tools launched with access to Free, Silver, and Gold membership. Tools include Message Me!, Req Blaster, Relationship Builder, Perfect Profile, Global Events, Split Viewer, Mighty Match, NWR Trainer, Req Amplifier, Top Networker Contest, and Promoter.
  • Networking event cites added- Montreal, Canada; New York, NY
December, 2008
  • Over 6500 global members with 128 Networking Events in 17 countries.
  • Networking event cites added- Lyon, France; Nashik, India; Calcutta, India; Kyiv, Ukraine
September, 2008
  • Networking event cites added- Baku, Azerbaijan; Vancouver, Canada; Beijing, China; Cairo, Egypt; Essen, Germany; Coimbatore, India; Bombay, India; Dublin, Ireland; Tokyo, Japan; Maastricht, Netherlands; Zaragoza, Spain; Istanbul, Turkey; Jacksonville, FL; Buffalo, NY; Columbia, SC; Newton, MA
November, 2008
  • Networking event cites added- Cordoba, Argentina; Brussels, Belgium; Calgary, Canada; Zhuhai, China; San Jose, Costa Rica; Aarhus, Denmark; Pune, India; Jaipur, India; Madras, India; Hyderabad, India; Beirut, Lebanon; Tilburg, Netherlands; Lahore, Pakistan; Cajamarca, Peru; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Cape Town, South Africa; Damascus, Syria; Bangkok, Thailand; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Stirling, United Kingdom; Montvale, NJ; Hartford, CT; East Moline, IL; Milwaukee, WI; San Antonio, TX; Canton, MI
October, 2008
  • Networking event cites added- Shanghai, China; Paris, France; Mangalore, India; New Delhi, India; Mexico City, Mexico; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Bucharest, Romania; Moscow, Russia; Rosemead, CA; Columbus, IN; State College, PA; Lexington, KY; Valdosta, GA; London, United Kingdom
August, 2008
  • International Networked Recruiter Events launched
  • Networking event cites added- Munich, Germany; Perth, Australia; Sydney, Australia; Toronto, Canada; Copenhagen, Denmark; Lucknow, India; Bangalore, India; Krakow, Poland; Timisoara, Romania; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Indianapolis, IN; Charlotte, NC
July, 2008
  • Networking event cites added- Cincinnati, OH; Huntington Beach, CA; Miami, FL; Atlanta, GA; Washington, DC
June, 2008
  • Networking event cites added- Orlando, FL; Stamford, CT; Durham, NC; Nashville, TN; Edison, NJ; Portland, OR; Houston, TX; Tampa, FL; Raleigh, NC
May, 2008
  • Networking event cites added- Louisville, KY; Hillsborough, NJ; Bloomington, IL; Bakersfield, CA; Minneapolis, MN; Philadelphia, PA; Austin, TX; Columbus, OH; Knoxville, TN; Leesburg, VA; Rock Tavern, NY; San Jose, CA
April, 2008
  • Networking event cites added- Fort Lauderdale, FL; Chicago, IL; Crystal Lake, IL; Los Angeles, CA; Burbank, CA; Saint Louis, MO; Columbia, MD; Dallas, TX
March, 2008
  • Networked Recruiter website launched
  • Networking event cites added- Manchester, NH; Long Beach, CA; Boston, MA; Virginia Beach, VA; Mountain View, CA; Boise, ID; Tulsa, OK; Keene, NH; Phoenix, AZ; San Francisco, CA; Alexandria, VA
February, 2008
  • San Diego Recruiter Happy Hour changes name to Networked Recruiter.
  • Networking event cites added- El Centro, CA; Mankato, MN; Carlsbad, CA; Albany, NY; Seattle, WA; Denver, CO
July, 2007
  • Networking event cites added- Irvine, CA
January, 2007
  • 1st San Diego Recruiter Happy Hour Event with over 80 attendees.

Networked Recruiter operates on Biblically-based Christian principles in our transactions and relationships. These principles include honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, respect, compassion, and generosity displayed in our professional and personal lives. The ultimate purpose is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by making a positive difference in our business, personal, and community relationships. We put this commitment into action by donating over 10% of our revenue to selected charities and also donating our time to change lives.

We encourage you to get involved within your community and make a difference in someone’s life.

Here are a few organizations we recommend:


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